Business and Share Valuations

How much is my business worth?

Whether you are the owner of a small business planning for the future, or the director of a larger company considering a merger, or a shareholder exiting the business, or planning to sell, knowing the economic value of the organisation is an important part of the equation.

Why do I need a valuation? In the following situations, you may want to seek professional advice in regard to valuations:

  • Mergers or acquisitions of companies
  • The settlement of relationship property
  • The sale or purchase of shares on the retirement of a shareholder from the business, or the introduction of a new partner
  • The settlement of a claim by a minority shareholder who have been prejudiced pursuant to a claim under S.174 of the Companies Act 1993
  • Estate planning
  • Claims under the Family Protection Act 1955

Bottom line: a business is worth what a buyer or an investor is willing to pay for it. However, we advise putting yourself in the best possible position to negotiate.

Because knowing the value of the business allows for better decision making during a sale, merger or acquisition, Gerry Rea Partners offers expert business valuation services.

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