Fraud Investigations

If you are seeking assistance around fraud, you may already suspect wrongful or criminal activity.

In the event of a fraud investigation, a forensic accountant who specialises in examining complex business issues will consider all possible ways in which a “fraudster” operated, including:

  • Falsifying purchase documents with the company paying the fraudster for goods or services apparently supplied;
  • Creating a ghost employee;
  • Manipulating the hours that existing employees worked and paying the difference to themselves;
  • Having the company pay for goods or services that were to their benefit;
  • And diverting sales revenue;

Having found and documented the fraud methods, the forensic accountant will report so that action can be taken to minimise loss. Identifying fraud and establishing who was responsible enables action to be taken to terminate the employee rather than have him or her suspended but still on your payroll.

Based on the severity of the situation at hand, the forensic accountant may be involved in interviewing the alleged fraudster to obtain a confession or acknowledgement of guilt.

Totalling losses is also an important part of the investigation as calculating the actual amount taken is necessary to peruse any recovery available from the fraudster or insurance. Quantifying losses may also serve as a means to provide evidence to the court for reparation or to determine the penalty.

To discuss your specific situation in regard to fraud investigation, please contact us at 0800 343 343.

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