Insolvency Statistics – February 2015

Insolvency Statistics – February 2015

Market Commentary


Dairy farmers are under significant pressure at the moment with low dairy prices.  The prospects don’t look great with the prospect of a drought in parts of the country.  It does make you wonder how much pressure the average dairy farmer can take.


Meanwhile, it has been suggested that the lower petrol prices have fueled spending.  Core retail spending was up in January by 0.9% compared to last year.  As this statistic includes fuel this is good news for retailers.  Clearly the January sales have had some impact.  We wait to see what the future will bring regarding petrol prices but it does remain clear that the petrol companies are quick to raise pump prices when the price of crude goes up but not so quick to lower them again.


The NZ Dollar is edging up against the Australian Dollar but has slipped a little against both the Pound and the Euro.  Two key reports that may affect the exchange rates are not out at the time of this news article; the job data out of Australia and the Inflation report out of the UK.  They may well have a significant impact.  The other significant factor in Europe is the situation with Greece.  While talks continue, and the world markets hold their breath, stocks have dropped.


In the property market, its the same old news.  Auckland is too pricey.  Something that all those living and working in Auckland already know.  The significant question that nobody seems to be able to answer, is what will be done about it?



September, October & November Comparison of
Insolvency Appointments 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015


What the figures are showing?

  • There were 154 insolvency appointments in January 2015 which is the largest number of appointments in January for some time.  There were 9 receivership appointments, 144 liquidations recorded and one administration.
  • Applications made to the High Court to liquidate companies totaled 71 for January 2015, 34 of which were made by the IRD.  This is slightly lower than 2014 when 99 applications were made in total.

Year to Date Comparison of Insolvency Appointments 2011 to 2015