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Insolvency statistics – February to April (2011 – 2016)

  There were 183 appointments in April 2016. 170 liquidations, 2 administrations and 11 receiverships were recorded. The volume of liquidations is in line with those seen in April 2012, 2013 & 2014 but down on last year.   Total insolvency appointments stand at 758 for the year to date which is down on 2015 ... read more.

Getting Fair Value in an Unfair World – Damage Claims

Recently some 40 orchid growers suffered serious losses or the failure of their business because of the application of a pest control spray. We were involved in the mediated settlements of 10 of these claimants. Ensuring they received a fair settlement was not straight forward.   read more.

Bankruptcy Vs Liquidation

It’s easy to get confused between the terms Bankruptcy and Liquidation.  In other countries around the world they are interchangeable and, in some languages, mean the same thing.  In Denmark, for example, an application must be made to the Court for the appointment of a Trustee in the Bankruptcy of either a company or an ... read more.